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3 Strength Coaches You Should Be Following Right Now

With social media always presenting new avenues for people to connect the strength and conditioning industry has never been more popular. Like anything in life there is always bad with the good and there is a ton of really terrible information out there. The good news is there are some absolutely amazing people out there sharing their knowledge as well. Here are in my opinion three strength coaches that you have to follow:

  1. Eric Cressey: everyone has moments when someone flicks the switch and the light bulb goes off in your head and all of a sudden everything makes sense. For me this moment came almost ten years ago reading an e-book called “The Ultimate Off Season” by Eric Cressey. He is known as both the “baseball” and the “shoulder” guy and while he is the industry leader in both these fields his knowledge reaches far beyond that. He is extremely generous with the information he shares and everything he says will make you better. You can sign up for his free e-news letter at ericcressey.com, follow on Twitter: @EricCressey and Instagram: ericcresey. I strongly suggest you do all three.
  2. Jim Smith: is one half of the force behind Diesel Strength and Conditioning along with Joe DeFranco. Jim’s free e-news letter is my favourite read every week. He includes great strength and conditioning information that is often accompanied by videos and pairs it with great life lessons. His delivery of this is always on point and the positive way you are left feeling after reading his work will have you ready to crush everything you do that day both in and out of the gym. Check out the blog on dieselsc.com, sign up for his e-news letter, follow him on Twitter: @dieselstrength and on Instagram: smittydiesel.
  3. Jason Ferruggia: the man behind the Renegade army. Jason’s mix of knowledge on training, business, life and old school hip hop are top notch. His website jasonferruggia.com will direct you to all the gems that he has to offer including his blog, newsletter, Twitter, Instagram and my personal favourite his podcast appropriately named Renegade Radio. It’s one of the best podcasts I’ve ever heard and covers everything from training, business, life, and music with incredible guests that will give you knowledge to improve your life.

AJ Zeglen