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Focus Fitness Team

Adam (AJ) Zeglen: Manager/Head Strength Coach

  • Background: AJ has worked with Hockey Canada, the Winnipeg Jets and many other hockey and football players from development ages through to professional in a number of leagues including the NHL, AHL, KHL, ECHL, and CFL.
  • Training Background: He brings over 10 years of experience and his unique brand of training techniques to professional athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and community members.
  • Fitness Background: Basketball, rugby, playing football for the University of Manitoba Bisons, competing in natural bodybuilding at a national level, and running the Manitoba Marathon.
  • Fun Fact: AJ holds a world record for the world’s longest car push in 24 hours.

Email: azeglen@tnse.com

Phone: 204-926-5877

Avery Suzuki

  • Background: Avery has joined the team after many years of being a multi-sport athlete.
  • Sporting Background: She played ringette and hockey.
  • Favourite Exercise: Core strengthening and back day.
  • Fun Fact: She is currently studying at the University of Manitoba and working towards getting her Psychology and Sociology degree.



Kieran Baydock

  • Background: Currently attending CMU for business.
  • Sporting Background: Played soccer & basketball at UBC his first year of university and grew up playing hockey.
  • Favourite Exercise: He loves working on legs so he can jump higher.
  • Fun Fact: He collects shoes.

Allie Leckie

  • Background: Currently of AT student at UW.
  • Sporting Background: Hockey and rugby. She played 2 years of Rugby in BC – gold medalist at nationals playing with the Prairie Wolfpack. She is a tri province rugby champion.
  • Favourite Exercise: Hang cleans.
  • Fun Fact: She is a twin.


Kris Aguiar

  • Background: Kris graduated from the University of Manitoba with a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology in 2016 and has completed his Masters of Physiotherapy program at the University of Manitoba in 2020.
  • Sporting Background: Kris comes from a diverse athletic background; he continues to play soccer at a competitive level.
  • Favourite Exercise: Long farmer walks on the turf, deadlifts, and Saturday morning conditioning.
  • Fun Fact: He plays goalie.





Riley Holloway

  • Background: Riley graduated from the University of Manitoba and received his Bachelor of Kinesiology with distinction in 2018.
  • Sporting Background: Riley has a multi-sport background focusing on hockey and basketball.
  • Favourite Exercise: Resistance training and conditioning.
  • Fun Fact: Riley would like to train to complete a triathlon.