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Individual and Small Group Sessions

Our individual sessions contain tailored content working on specific areas of each players’ game. These teaching sessions are designed to allow players to work on their weaknesses, while ensuring that they spend time on their strengths. As players learn the information, they will develop a greater understanding of why they are doing the little things, allowing them to execute at a higher level. Players work through these progressive drills, learning how to implement each topic in game situations.

Small groups of 2-6 players may also attend semi-private sessions, working together to help address specific areas. Often times position specific groups will come together to work on defensive or forward skills related to their game. If a group comes with mixed positions, the topics that are decided on will allow for each player to develop in that area. These topics may be more general and can then be applied to their position (quick release shooting, fakes and deception with the puck, pass reception in stride, etc.). All players will receive feedback in the session and the necessary repetition to take their game to a higher level.


  • A customized curriculum based on the number of sessions you prefer
  • Dedicated, full-time professional coaching staff


  • 1 Player – $220+GST
  • 2 Players – $115+GST
  • 3 Players – $80+GST
  • 4 Players – $65+GST
  • 5 Players – $55+GST
  • 6 Players – $50+GST
  • 7 Players – $45+GST
  • 8 Players – $40+GST
  • 9 Players – $37+GST
  • 10 Players – $34+GST

For more information, please contact:

Dave Cameron (204) 926-5876 dcameron@tnse.com

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