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It Is Never Over

One of my favourite parts about training and working out is that it is never over. We never reach a point where we are completely satisfied with how we perform or how we look. We reach goals but the satisfaction is short lived. We will always want to be bigger, stronger, faster and go for longer. We are appreciative of where we are but still hungry for more.

To an outsider this may seem daunting, but if we really fall in love with the process, we realize that it’s actually a great thing that it never ends. There is so much good we can extract from this hunger that it can become a never-ending source of mental, physical and emotional support for us.

This year has been tough, and, in all probability, it may get tougher still. Hockey is back on television, which is great. We have registered our kids for next year, which is also great, but we still do not actually know when it will start. It can be difficult to train without an exact date to aim for. Is the season starting in September? January? No one is quite sure at this point – and that is just hockey. What about school, work, or trips? Everything is up in the air.

With so much unknown, it is great to have an outlet to help reduce the stress of uncertainty. With the right perspective, our training can be that outlet. Do not fixate on exact dates – enjoy and appreciate the process of getting better. Certainly, set short-term goals, but also enjoy the fact that it is a never-ending journey of self-improvement. We do not want it to end. If it did, we would no longer be able to reap the physical, mental and emotional benefits of exercise. We want to have that continuous resource at our fingertips, always just one workout away.

In a time of uncertainty, one thing is always certain: your effort in the gym dictates your results – both physically and how they translate into combatting stress.

I have a friend in the fitness industry who uses the analogy of training being a gift that we give ourselves (thanks Crystal! You can follow her @204lifestyle on Instagram. She is awesome!). What an amazing gift we can give ourselves during times like this. Even better, when this is over it will still be there for us to keep going back to because unlike this pandemic, working out is never over. And that is a good thing.

Until next time,

Strength, Courage, Hustle, Commitment

AJ Zeglen