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Attacking Your Workouts

I have spent a lot of time reading books written by some of the world’s most successful athletes, body builders and trainers. I’m always curious to know what drives people to be great. What their mind set was day in and day out as they ascended to the top of their respective sports. I like to try and find common links that built the foundation for their greatness. Two of my favorite all time are Michael Jordan and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Now what can the world’s greatest basketball player, (sorry Kobe & Lebron fans; it’s the truth, accept it), and the world’s greatest bodybuilder, (this one is indisputable), have in common? They attacked their workouts. Sure Arnold primarily did it lifting weights and Jordan did it on the practice court, but the principle was the same. They attacked. They trained and practiced with such intensity that their work ethic became legendary. They did not just try and survive the workout, they dominated the workout. The workout did not dictate their performance; their performance was at the highest level possible no matter what.

Not sure where you stand? Think of it this way. Picture your workouts as the biggest, baddest man on the planet, think Mike Tyson in his prime, and you have to last a 5 minute round in the ring, just you and him. There are two kinds of people: First, there is the person who is going to run around the ring for 5 minutes just trying to hang in there and survive. Don’t be that person. The second type of person, the one you want to be, is going to go in there and say I might die trying but I’m going knock this guy out. If you want to achieve greatness on any level you must have this mindset. So next time you go to train……………..ATTACK!