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13 Things To Make You More Awesome!

1. Be good at the things that require no talent. Be on time, be ready, work hard, be engaged in what your are doing. Everyone has the ability to do these things, few people choose to do them well.

2. Pick up heavy things (properly) and walk around with them. Everyone always wants to be stronger. This will help.

3. Do mobility work. I have never met anyone that is too strong, but I have met people who are strong and move poorly. You want both strength and movement.

4. Assuming you have two legs that work you should squat more weight than you bench.

5. Everyone has titles in life that they are given such as father, mother, sister, brother, son, daughter, friend. Although a lot of these titles are automatic it is important that you earn these titles. Be good at being these things. Your life is bigger than just you, it’s also the people around you. There is nothing more important than fulfilling these roles to the best of your ability.

6. Finding yourself is stupid. You are exactly where you are all the time because you put yourself there. If you want to be something or somewhere different change it. Finding yourself makes it sound like you are floating around hoping to find something by accident. Don’t hope to find anything, create it. Take responsibility for your life and create it.

7. Get better. Every single day.

8. Never think you know everything. The exact moment in time when you think you know everything is the exact same moment that you stop getting better. (refer to #7)

9. Pull more than you push.

10. Be honest with yourself. I have seen many people sabotage their own progress because they are simply not honest with themselves. Everyone knows the guy who says he benches 300 lbs. but when you watch him he stops the bar 6 inches from his chest. More like elbow bends then bench press. Don’t be this guy. The funny thing is the respect and admiration that this guy so desperately seeks becomes less of a reality the more he lies to himself. People do not respect that. Do weight that you can do and do it right. You will progress much faster this way and people will respect you more. Be honest.

11. Use thick bars or thick grips whenever you can

12. Read. Make time every day. Read things that genuinely interest and inspire you.

13. Hustle